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There’s no doubt it’s taken you countless sleepless nights to get to where you are now. Where your business is today and the success you’ve experienced over the years is a direct result of the tireless efforts of you and your team. But what’s next? Perhaps you’re thinking about planning for exit or succession. Maybe you are looking to increase business value in the lead up to a sale or even maximise contributions into your superannuation before retirement. Whatever the case, you’re at a crossroads, and you need the right partners on your side through this next big phase in your business journey.

It’s never too late to start planning the next phase of your business life. Beyond our knowledge of the commercial and taxation implications, we play an integral part in any process due to the level of involvement and trust we build with clients over time. As with our approach to many of the areas we advise in, we embrace collaboration and involve other professionals to maximise the chances of success.

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Preparing for your future

We’re on your side through this next phase in your business journey.

Consolidating and upgrading legacy systems

Your business will expand over time, and this often results in a patchwork of software and accounting processes held together by manual data transfers. We’ll overhaul your accounting system so you can put the business in a better position for several succession and exit strategies.

Succession planning

Succession planning is rarely easy, and it takes planning, communication, understanding and trust to be successful. We can be an integral part of the succession process due to the level of involvement and trust we have built with our clients over time.

Planning for sale - Commercial

Maximising the sale price of your business when you sell takes time and foresight. This is why we work closely with our clients to identify opportunities ahead of time. We design plans based on your business’s current value and assist in the implementation of strategies to maximise value when you go to the market.

Planning for sale – Taxation

The way we understand and work with our clients means understanding your future needs. For you, this may mean getting your tax organised before you sell so you don’t lose your hard-earned wealth. This is where we come in! We look at the most effective tax strategies to minimise tax on the sale.

Engaging and coordinating external experts

We know the situations in which we can serve you best, but we also know when it’s better to bring in a specialist. Think of us as your regular GP of the accounting world where we work with and refer to external experts, whether they be lawyers, financial planners, or business process analysts, to ensure you are well looked after and get the best result.

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