Succession planning for small businesses

Maximising your chances of success and a seamless transition with a deep understanding of your business and all parties involved.

Succession planning for small businesses

Maximising your chances of success and a seamless transition with a deep understanding of your business and all parties involved.

Helping you comfortably pass the business baton

Succession planning is rarely easy. It takes a lot of planning, communication, understanding, and trust to be successful.

We understand how this could be a difficult process in businesses as each party has its own perspective and emotions can be running high. At Accrulu, we pride ourselves on the level of trust we build with our clients over time so everyone is more comfortable when the succession conversation begins. Beyond our knowledge of the commercial and taxation implications, we can be an integral part of the succession planning process and provide sound advice to maximise the chances of success.


Our succession planning services

Guiding you through each stage of the succession planning process.

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A few sectors we serve

We work with small businesses across different industries and life cycle spectrums. Whatever sector and phase you are in, we understand what is important and specific to you to help you succeed.

Commercial Cleaning Businesses

Working with contractors can take up much of your time doing administrative tasks. We help take the load off by providing support on contractor taxable payments reporting, reviewing the use of individual contractors, ensuring your accounting systems are working efficiently, and planning for additional cash flow required to take on larger contracts.

Gyms and Fitness Centres

Whether you’re looking to ensure your business performs well or grow your business, you can lean on us. We can help you set up accounting systems to report consolidated and individual performances of multiple gym locations, identify opportunities for improvement, or plan for finance and purchase of equipment upgrades.

Franchise Operators

Keeping your franchise running can be very demanding. We come in to give you the support you need from meeting franchisor reporting obligations, investigating opportunities to reduce variable franchise costs, assessing territory acquisition or expansion, to incorporating franchise reporting with cloud accounting packages.


We give you the assistance you need to maximise growth opportunities, whether that be in integrating and maintaining data transfer between Simpro and Xero, cash flow forecasting and growth scenario modelling, identifying and utilising tax planning opportunities, and providing assistance in reporting across multi-entity business groups.

Rental property investors

Understand your numbers deeper to better manage your business and see it succeed. You can lean on us with preparing comprehensive reports for multiple properties, taking care of your tax returns and getting your data ready at year-end, and helping you assess your portfolio market value and identify unrealised gains and depreciation schedules.

Other ways we can help

Business Advisory

Small Business Structuring


Budgeting & Management Reporting

Self-Managed Superannuation

Succession Planning